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World Series of Poker: A Retrospective
Summary of 1981 Tournament
Notable Players
Jesse Alto
Crandall Addington
Amarillo Slim Preston
Aubrey Day
Betty Carey
Barbara Freer
Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter
Sam Moon
Dewey Tomko
Johnny Moss
Charles Dunwoody
Walter "Puggy" Pearson
Hal Fowler
George Huber
Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson
Jack Straus
Charles Dunwoody
Chip Resse
Grand Prize Winner: Stu Ungar $375,000

Runners Up: Perry Green $146,000, Gene Fischer $75,000
Ken Smith $3 7,500, Bill Smith $37,500,
Jay Heimowitz $30,000, Bobby Baldwin $15,000,
Andy Moore $15,000 and Sam Petrillo $15,000
Notes on Play
May 19th

Seventy-five players entered the tournament to vie for the pot of
$ 74,600 and the title World Poker Champion. At the end of the day there were only thirty-eight players at the tables.


At the end of day two only three former champs were still in contention for the tile of World Poker Player: Bobby Baldwin, Doyle Brunson, and Stu Unger. These three champs will meet seventeen other players for the third day of the tournament.

May 21st

This day saw the exit of Brunson, leaving Baldwin and Ungar as the only former remaining champs. At the end of the day nine players remained in the game. Baldwin held the money lead with $128,000; while defending champ Stu Unger had a partly $53,200.


Sam Petrillo was the first to go at 1:20pm followed quickly by Andy Moore at 1:30pm.

The next was former champ and money lead Baldwin at 2:30 pm; who went all-in once too often.

Baldwin was followed by Jay Heimowitz at 4:15 pm and then Bill Smiths at the same time.

At 7:00pm saw the exit of Ken Smith, who was followed by Gene Fisher at 8:00 pm

This left the defending Champ Ungar and Perry Green.

Ungar would achieve what had not been done since '77 a back to back Championship.

Green | Unger | Flop

10 9 | A Q | 7 8 4 4 Q
(C) (D) | (H) (D) | (H) (C) (D)

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