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Paradise Misplaced
Inside the Xanadu

Main Atrium-Xanadu Casino

    The Xanadu's builders envisioned their casino as a pleasure palace where patrons could relax amid a garden of earthly delights.  The architect's blueprints and artist's renderings capture an echo of a paradise not necessarily lost, but certainly misplaced.

     As can be seen, the public areas were to be dominated by the huge atrium, much like the Luxor's are today.  Mirrors, chandeliers, and generally shiny objects were to be the order of the day, as can be seen by looking inside another Stern casino, the Showboat.

the atrium, in color

Xanadu Plans

an artist's conception
Outside the Xanadu

Sectional view
sectional view

garden floor plan
garden level

typical room plan

casino floor plan

Ground floor plan
ground floor plan
Inside a Stern Casino

     Because it was never built, we will never know exactly what the Xanadu would have looked like.  But these color photos of Atlantic City's Showboat, another Stern-designed casino, give the spectator a good taste of Stern's concept of casino design.  

The soaring atrium, with large mirrors and a reflective escalator, would not have been out of place in the Xanadu.  Certainly the Xanadu would have had restaurants that looked remarkably like those pictured here, and casino floors look very similar no matter where they are.

Showboat, in Atlantic City
the Showboat, on the Boardwalk in AC

escalator of life!
a view of the escalator

looking downward....
the atrium
inside the lobby
off the lobby
casino entertainment!

Albatross Seafood Restaurant?
seafood restaurant
the buffet
inside the buffet
the casino
the casino floor
Slot drops!
more of the floor
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