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Outside the Xanadu

One of the neat things that architects get to do is to build scale models of their projects.  These images of the Xanadu model, from every conceivable angle, give the imaginative viewer an idea of how the building would have looked.

 Xanadu: exterior color sketch

Details of the Exterior

porte cochere
Porte Cochere

frontal view
Front of the property

frontal view
The facade.

frontal view
The view from above.

rear view!
See the elevator shafts?

rear view!
Plenty of parking available.
rear view!
Tennis, anyone?
rear view!
Another perspective.
the front!
look out below!
looking down
View from the sky
back and white view

gazing northward
looking north

color view
gazing southward
looking south
Xanadu site plan
Site plan
the back!
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