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The Xanadu Theme

Xanadu Atrium

In their prospectus, the Xanadu's builders articulated their vision of the casino's theme.  They evoked a fantastic complex which mingled the mundane (convention space, retail space, etc) with the ethereal.

The disco/buffet/movie theatre might be an idea whose time has not yet come, but certainly other elements of the theme can be found in operating casinos.  The atrium suggests Luxor, while the general paradise theme exists in many properties.

The text below is culled directly from the prospectus's description of "the Xanadu theme."


The Xanadu is proposed as a 1730 Room "International Class" Hotel and Casino, to be located "On the Strip" in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Approaching the overwhelming Porte Cochere, attention is immediately focused upon the "Firefalls," cascading waters which nearly stretch across the site, penetrated by the red-orange licks of dancing flames.

Upon entering the Xanadu, the soaring atrium some twenty stories in height, capped by the shimmering essence of mirror and crystal above, and down to the action and animation of the Casino below, dominates, and envelopes the viewer.

A lush garden fantasy of pergolas and gazebos located on the atrium deck overlooks the Casino, setting the tone for the Xanadu theme.  On the way to the Restaurant Core, one would stroll through the Shopping area which would be developed as a "Bazaar," comprised of small shops and boutiques in tents, islands, or kiosks, all inviting browsing, and featuring activities such as artists and artisans creating the goods for sale.  Specialty restaurants such as a "Mongolian Barbeque" (steak house); "The Marco Polo" (continental specialties); "The Flaming Sword" (flambe specialties); "Forbidden City" (oriental cuisine); along with a Seaford Specialty Restaurant (will be complete with a giant aquarium-wall), complimented by a variety of cocktail lounges and bars located with the "Garden of Xanadu" and Casino Areas.  Themes and moods such as "Samarkand," "Shalimar," "Cashmere," "Shangri-La" are envisioned, with a special intimacy, utilizing such elements as magnificently gilded desert tents, soft cushions and exotically costumed waitresses.

A Theatre Showroom, with a thrust stage of greater viewing and audience involvement will seat approximately 1500 persons with ease.  The Lounge adjoins a new multi-purpose concept discotheque, which not only serves as a late hours "center of action," but as a Buffet and Cinema as well.

The Convention Center will seat in excess of 3000 people for a banquet, in addition to exhibit space in the Reception Hall.  As part of this complex, Meeting Rooms of various sizes and potentials will also be provided.

These and all other areas and aspects of the Hotel and Casino, while meeting all the highest standards and functional requirements of this most modern and complete facility, shall be carried out in a theme of the imaginative, and make-believe dream world of XANADU.

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