Center for Gaming Research
Donating to the Center

As part of UNLV and its University Library, the Center for Gaming Research welcomes assistance that in any way helps it in its mission to document and preserve the history and culture of gambling.

Assistance can come in many forms, including the donation of materials, volunteering for the Center, and donating money to the Center or UNLV Libraries

Donating Unique Materials

Some people wonder how UNLV Special Collections and the Center for Gaming Research have such exotica as thank-you letters from Jackie Kennedy, the blueprints for the Sands, and the guestbook for Bill Harrah's villa. The answer is that, at one time or another, all of these itmes were donated to UNLV Special Collections.

Donating items ensures that they will be accesible to future scholars and historians.

We welcome donations from corporations but also private individual. Generally speaking, we do not pay for such materials, but tax benefits may be available for those who donate appraised items of value.

Specifically, the Center Collects…

- Promotional and publicity material

- Design and development documents, architectural renderings and plans

- Financial filings and reports

- Office files of retiring executives and staff members

- Photographs

- Anything that helps to chronicle the history of the gaming industry throughout the world.

We do not, for the most part, accept donations of artifacts such as chips, coins, or games, but may consider them if they are valuable in the context of a larger donation.

For more information about donating to Special Collections, go here.

Books, journals, and other materials can also be donated.

To discuss a donation of corporate or personal papers, documents, or photographs, please contact Dr. Schwartz.

Donating Money

If you are interested in helping the Center by donating to the University Libraries, please contact CGR director Dave Schwartz.

Gift monies may be designated either for a specific purpose or as unrestricted funds for the collection. Memorials, donations without restrictions for the purchase library resources, and funds to establish endowments that generate interest to be used to purchase materials are examples of the type of supplemental funding the University Libraries may receive. Unrestricted gifts are especially encouraged as they provide much needed flexibility in responding to changing needs for information as UNLV grows and new programs are added.

Memorials may be made in memory of an individual or group. Due to the average cost of acquiring new books and the cost to process a book, memorial gifts must be a minimum of $100. Gifts of less than $100 that are designated for purchase of library materials are gratefully accepted and will be spent at the library's discretion.

Endowments for specific purposes, such as purchasing materials on a specific subject, can be established with a minimum of $25,000 through the UNLV Foundation.

All funds accepted for a specific purpose shall be expended for that purpose only. All donations accepted are acknowledged and a receipt is made for the donor. If requested, the donor will be notified of how the money was spent. The UNLV Libraries Administrative Office handles the receipt/deposit of all gift funds.

More more information, see the UNLV Libraries donation page.


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