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GameTech International, Inc., is a leading designer, developer and marketer of electronic bingo equipment and bingo systems. Taken from the company's most recent 10-K filing, this is their mission statement:

We design, develop, and market interactive electronic bingo player terminals and systems. We currently market portable terminals, which can be played anywhere within a bingo hall, and fixed-base systems with touchscreen-activated monitors. We have portable and fixed-base terminals operating in charitable, Native American, commercial, and military bingo halls. Both our portable and fixed-base systems display electronic bingo card images for each bingo game. Our electronic bingo terminals enable players to play substantially more bingo cards than they can play on paper cards, typically leading to a greater spend per player and higher profits per bingo session for the bingo operator. We install the electronic bingo systems, typically at no cost to the operator, and charge either a fixed fee per use per terminal per session, a fixed weekly fee per terminal, or a percentage of the revenue generated by each terminal. We typically enter into one- to three-year contracts with bingo operators.

Bingo is a legal enterprise in 47 states (excluding Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah) and the District of Columbia. Nonprofit organizations sponsor bingo games for fundraising purposes, while Native American, commercial entities, and government-sponsored entities operate bingo games for profit. As of October 31, 2005, we had systems in approximately 25 of the more than 30 states that allow electronic bingo systems for use with charitable and commercial organizations. Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, or IGRA, electronic bingo may be played on Native American lands in the 47 states where bingo is legal. We estimate that bingo currently is played on Native American lands in 30 states. As of October 31, 2011, we had terminals in operation in Native American bingo halls in 13 of those states. Collectively, as of October 31, 2011, we had products in 38 states and in two foreign countries.

Gametech International History

1994: Gametech International founded

1995: Gametech developed the first portable electronic bingo dauber - TED®

1997: Gametech Intl. went public on Nasdaq

1999: Gametech acquired Bingo Technologies Corporation

2001: Clarence Theissen named Gametech International CEO

2002: Gametech acquired Gaming Systems International, owners and developers of Cadillac Bingo® in an all cash transaction; GSI also manufactured and distributed fixed base electronic bingo devices, primarily in Mississippi and New York.

2004: Gametech developed the Bingo Enhanced Tabs System, a main menu system that combines player access to bingo and pull-tab games for use on fixed-base terminals.

2004: John B. Furman named CEO and President of Gametech International

2005: Gametech developed Crystal Ball Bingo, a game that allows users to choose their own bingo card numbers to win cash and prizes.

2007:Gametech acquired Summit Gaming

2007:Gametech released Edge™ a server-based operating system with Wi-Fi based applications

2008:Gametech was appoved by the Nevada Gaming Commision for licensing

Gametech International: Current Product Line

Portable Electronic Bingo Daubers: TED®, Ted2C™, Traveler™, Tracker™, Traveler II™ (Wi-Fi)

Stationary Electronic Bingo Daubers: Diamond Edge™, Diamond Pro™

Portable Wi-Fi gaming player: Mini®

24 Number Bingo®: Big Bad Bingo™ (B3)

Bingo System: Diamond System™

Point-of-Sale and Player Tracking: Diamond VIP™

Bingo Hall Management System: AllTrak™ 2

Server-based Bingo & Gaming System: New GameTech Edge™

Video Lottery Terminals & Class III Slots: Royal Touch™, MegaVision™, MegaPlex™, MaxVision™

Gametech International: Financial Info online

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Annual Report (2005 edition, in pdf)

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