Center for Gaming Research
A Centennial Celebration of Gaming in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become synonymous with gambling and casinos. Since its founding in 1905, gambling has been a big attraction in the unlikely desert oasis.

This exhibit chronicles the 100-year history of gaming in Las Vegas using rare and unique materials from the Center for Gaming Research and other Special Collections of the Libraries of the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The exhibit's four sections chronicle Las Vegas history in distinct eras: 1905-1945, when the city was struggling for recognition, 1946-1960, when Las Vegas became nationally famous, 1961-1988, when the city's casinos enjoyed a golden age, and 1989-2005, when new developments brought Las Vegas onto the world stage.

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From the early days of Block 16 and the Arizona Club...

To the posh, hip casinos of today....
It's been an interesting hundred years.

A Centennial Celebration of Gaming in Las Vegas
from the Center for Gaming Research

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