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Competitive Video Gaming: Esports Resources

This page is designed to assist research into the phenomenon of competitive video gaming, or esports. It is intended to provide researchers at all levels with some secondary sources (research and analysis) about the topic, as well as primary sources for new original research.

The Center for Gaming Research is currently collecting materials to document and preserve the history of esports. If you would like to discuss contributing records, documents (paper or digital), or an interview, please contact Center Director David G. Schwartz,


Esports at UNLV

UNLV International Gaming Institute Esports Lab

Esports holdings at UNLV University Libraries

Video game holdings at UNLV University Libraries


Secondary Sources

T. L. Taylor's esports & pro gaming literature bibliography

The History of Real Time Strategy
A Special Feature (2008)

Esports: A Brief History
Tyler F.M. Edwards on

The Evolution of Esports
Aarsh Nagpa on dot esports

News and Information Sources Primary Sources

Made by the esports community for the esports community

Esports Earnings

Upcoming Esports Events
Gosu Gamers

ESPN News Vertical

Esports Pro

Esports Archives
Legal Sports Report

Esports Betting Report
Industry News and Analysis

Esports Market Report
Superdata Game & Interactive Media Intelligence

Newzoo Esports Insights

2017 Global Esports Market Report
Newzoo (free version)

2016 Global Esports Market Report
Newzoo (free version)

Twin Galaxies Forums



SPACEWAR: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums
Stewart Brand 12/7/72 Rolling Stone article on First Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics

1982-4 Video Competition Game Show


Games (Emulation)

Original 1962 game code running on a PDP-1 emulator in JavaScript

Flash emulaton

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Flash emulation

Quake 1
Flash emulation



World Esports Alliance

Major League Gaming

World Video Game Hall of Fame
The Strong Museum of Play


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