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The Evolution of Casino Cuisine


El Rancho
I. The Early Years
: Dinner Theaters, Chuck Wagons, and Coffee Shops


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Start with The Early Years

II. Classic Cool
: Gourmet rooms raise the bar

III. Stepping Up
: Caesars Palace, the International, and others break new ground

IV. Celebrity Chic
: The gourmet bonanza of today

Las Vegas has long been synonymous with gambling and casinos. But in recent years, it has also become a capital of culinary spectacle. Scores of new restaurants have opened inside casino resorts, raising the bar for casino dining everywhere.

Casino restaurants around the world have delighted guests for decades, and the changes of the past fifty years along the Las Vegas Strip show casino cuisine at its best.

This exhibit chronicles the evolution of casino dining from its unsophisticated beginnings to its current refinement, using menus, photographs, and other unique materials from UNLV Special Collections.


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