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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1990 Inductee

Barron Hilton

Barron Hilton

Industry Leader


Barron Hilton (b. 1927) helped to inaugurate the corporate era in the gaming industry.

The son of hotelier Conrad Hilton, Barron became the president of Hilton Hotels in 1966. Five years later, the firm bought two Las Vegas resorts--Kirk Kerkorian's Flamingo and International.

The Flamingo became the Flamingo Hilton and the International the Las Vegas Hilton with the acquisition. Hilton became the first national hotel company to own a Las Vegas casino hotel outright.

Under Hilton's leadership the company expanded, adding a Flamingo Hilton Laughlin, acquiring the MGM Grand Reno and renaming it the Reno Hilton, and building an Atlantic City casino that, after the company was denied a New Jersey license, was sold to Donald Trump.

In 1998, HIlton hotels bought Grand Casinos, then spun its gaming division off into Park Place Entertainment. That company was ultimately acquired by Harrah's Entertainment.

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