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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1991 Inductee

Sam Boyd

Sam Boyd

Industry Leader


Sam Boyd (1910-1993) is one of the most influential figures in Las Vegas gaming history.

Boyd moved his family to Las Vegas in 1941and took a job as a casino dealer. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a pit boss and then casino shift manager. He then became a casino owner, buying a small share of the Sahara.

By the early 1970s he had become a shareholder in several casinos, including the Mint, Sahara, and Union Plaza.

In 1975, the Boyd Group, which included about 75 investors, opened its first casino, the Califnornia, in downtown Las Vegas. Four years later, they opened Sam's Town on Boulder Highway, a property which some credit for starting the "neighborhood casino" phenomenon.

After running the Stardust and Fremont for two years at the Nevada Gaming Control Board's behest, the Boyd Group acquired both casinos outright in 1985. Three years later, Boyd Gaming, a true corporation, was created from the Boyd Group, and in 1993 Boyd Gaming issued its first stock offering.

Unfortunately, in that same year Boyd passed away. But he had gradually ceded authority to his son Bill in previous years, making for a relatively smooth transition.

Sam Boyd's philanthropic efforts in Las Vegas are fondly remembered. The University of Nevada Las Vegas' football venue is named "Sam Boyd Stadium" to honor his contributions and efforts to further the school.

Boyd's legacy in downtown Las Vegas and in the Las Vegas locals market is one of the most formidable in casino history.

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