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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1991 Inductee

William "Si" Redd

Si Redd

Industry Leader


William "Si" Redd (1911-2003) pioneered two slot machine breakthroughs, video poker and wide-area progressives.

Redd enjoyed a long career as a jukebox and game distributor in Boston before moving to Las Vegas in 1967 and founding Bally Distributing Company. After Bally Manufacturing bought this venture, Redd opened aniother company, Sircoma (a contraction of Si Redd Coin Machines).

The company, which changed its name to International Game Technology, achieved a breakout hit with Draw Poker, the first video poker game to appeal to the mass market. Previously, Bally management had held a dim view of video poker, and it is a testament to Redd's tenacity that he persisted in promoting the new machines. Video poker became incredibly successful, particularly in the local Las Vegas market, and gave IGT a strong foundation on which to build.

Next, Nevada casinos faced a challenge from California's new lottery, which offered life-changing jackpots. By linking a large number of machines from across the state in a giant progressive network, Redd was able to engineer similarly large jackpots. Megabucks, the first wide-area progressive game, was a huge success from its 1986 launch onwards, and it continues to be one of the most-recognized casino game brands.

Redd moved into the operations side of the busienss with Si Redd's Oasis, a Mesquite casino that he sold in 2001.

In addition to his business acheivements, Redd was an active booster of Las Vegas and Mesquite and an ardent supporter of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Though it's been more than twenty years since Redd helmed IGT, he certainly built a winner: the company is still the world's leading slot manufacturer. It can safely be said that Si Redd's influence is felt today in casinos around the world.

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