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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1993 Inductee

Henry Gluck

Henry Gluck

Industry Leader


Henry Gluck (b. 1929) led Caesars World to an unprecedented period of prosperity, running the company from 1983 until its acquisition by ITT Sheraton in 1994.

Gluck came to gaming at a time when most executives are thinking about retirement. Indeed, his work at Caesars World was his second career, and followed a decade-long hiatus from business. After a successful career in corporate finance, Gluck retired at the age of 43 from Monogram industries.

He returned to business in 1982 as a member of the Caesars World board of directors. With the once-profitable company facing mounting losses, Gluck took over as chairman and CEO in 1983. He led Caesars back into the black and inaugurated several changes at its flagship property, Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. When his first championed the idea of the Forum Shops, skeptics thought it was foolish to sacrifice potential casino space for a shopping mall. Since its opening, it's been one of the most profitable retail spaces in the country.

Gluck also repositioned Caesars in Atlantic City and presided over the company's expansion to Lake Tahoe and Windsor, Ontario.

When ITT Sheraton bought Caesars World in 1994, Gluck initially retained his positions and received a seat on the ITT Board of Directors. After leaving the company, Gluck was instrumental in bringing the Lake Las Vegas Resort to life as co-chairman of Transcontinental properties.


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