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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1996 Inductee

Paul Endy

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Industry Leader


Paul Endy (1928-1999) founded one of the gaming industry's most important casino products companies.

Endy follow his father into the card and dice business. After working for T.R. King & Co., a California gaming supplies distributor and dice manufacturer for several years, Endy moved to Las Vegas and bought a bankrupt dice company in 1963.

Endy renamed the company Paul-Son and began tailoring cards and dice to meet the needs of the growing Nevada casino industry. As the gaming industry expanded geographically throughout the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, Paul-Son opened new offices to keep pace.

Paul-Son also went beyond just cards and dice, manufacturing casino furniture and other products as well. In addition, Endy explored new technologies, including high-tech security features and improved graphics applications.

In 1994, Paul-Son went public. In late 1998, Paul Endy stepped down as the company's CEO after 35 years at the helm. Two years later, Paul-Son was acquired by Bourgogne et Grasset, a French gaming manufacturer, which later renamed itself Gaming Products International.

Paul Endy's career spanned some of the most dynamic decades in the history of the gaming industry, and his company helped to fuel the casino boom of the 1990s. He passed away in 1999, and was remembered, along with his wife Aniela, for contributing to a variety of civic and educations philanthropic endeavors.

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