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1998 Inductee

Siegfried and Roy




Siegfried Fischbacher (b.1939) and Roy Horn (b. 1944) redefined casino entertainment, establishing the art of magic and illusion as an essential part of the Las Vegas experience.

Born in Germany, as youngsters the duo evinced an early fascination with magic (Siegfried) and exotic animals (Roy). In 1959, the two first combined their acts on a cruise ship, and the rest is history In 1967, the pair first played Las Vegas at the Tropicana as part of the Folies Bergere, Three years later, they became an integral part of the Stardust's Lido de Paris revue.

After a stint with the original MGM Grand's Hallelujah Hollywood and a return to the Lido, Siegfried and Roy at last starred in their own full-length production show, Beyond Belief, which ran at the Strip's Frontier hotel-casino from 1981 to 1988. In 1990, the duo debuted at the Mirage, where they later opened their Secret Garden, a retreat inhabited by rare and exotic animals, including the white tigers which became the pair's trademark.

When, in 2000, the International Magicians Society named the duo "Magicians of the Century," it capped a remarkable career. Before they stopped performing onstage in 2003, they had entertained millions worldwide and had forever made Las Vegas synonymous with the "Masters of the Impossible."

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