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The Gaming Hall of Fame

1999 Inductee

Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme

Steve and Eydie



Steve Lawrence (b. 1935) and Eydie Gorme (b. 1931) make up one of the most popular signing duos of the modern era. Though each has recorded alone, their greatest fame is for their recordings and performances together.

Lawrence and Gorme both became stars in their own right as singers during the 1950s, and they frequently worked together on the Tonight Show. They married in 1957 in Las Vegas, and performed together as "Steve and Eydie" for the first time in 1960. In that year they shared a Grammy for their hit album We Got Us.

Since then, they have been one of the most popular acts in casino entertainment, with notable long stints at the Sands, Desert Inn, and Caesars Palace. It is a testament to their historical significance and enduring popularity that when Caesars Palace closed its storied Circus Maximus theater in 2000, the casino chose Steve and Eydie to headline its final show.

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