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The Gaming Hall of Fame

2001 Inductee

Paul Anka

Paul Anka



Paul Anka (b. 1941) is a popular singer, songwriter, musician, and legendary casino entertainer.

Anka, born in Ottowa, Canada, broke into show business as a teenager in 1957 with his first Number One hit, "Diana." He had a long string of hits that showcased his talent as a singer, but also excelled as a songwriter. Two of his most famous compositions are the "Tonight Show Theme" and "My Way." The latter, which Anka wrote specifically for Frank Sinatra, became Sinatra's signature tune.

Anka began performing in Las Vegas casinos early on, and has entertained casino audiences throughout North America. He has recorded nealy one thousand different songs in five languages, and has sold more than 42 million singles and albums, making him one of the world's top-selling all-tme recording artists.

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