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In the summer of 2002, the Neon Museum commissioned a survey of the neon signs of the Las Vegas Strip corridor from Sunset to Sahara. This survey was designed to capture the artistic and historical significance of one of Las Vegas's most well-known art forms, neon.

The exhibit you are viewing is designed to publicize the results of this survey. Within it, you can read a detailed explanation of the survey, look at the glossary of neon sign terms, or view the actual data sheets for the 80 signs that line the Las Vegas Strip and were documented in this survey.

Since 2002, many of the signs captured here have been dimmed. This only highlights the critical importance of preserving Nevada's neon heritage.


Sponsoring Organizations

Neon Survey Index

An alphbetical listing of the 80 properties whose signs are cataloged here. Click on a property to see its signs.

Center for Gaming Research

Neon Gallery

A totally subjective collection of some of the finest neon that the Strip has (or had) to offer.

UNLV Special Collections

About the Exhibit

How the survey was executed and this exhibit was created; includes an essay by photographer Joshua Cannaday.

Nevada Humanities

Neon Glossary

All you ever wanted to know about neon, in handy dictionary form.

Neon Museum


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