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Alan Alberts

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Alan Albert's

2. Owner: {unkn}

3. Address: 3763 Las Vegas Blvd. 795-4006

3b. Additional Site Details: Following the alleyway created between the Walgreen's and Fatburger establishments, you can find the entrance to the secluded Alan Albert's. The restaurant is located on the Fatburger(north) side of the drive, found headed east down the south side of the building. The building quickly stretches out to the south and then continues east again. Signage is located on this extension of wall. The signage includes a logo wall sign, a neon backlit glass block wall, as well as three small steel boxes adorned with crafted neon. Signage is also located on the Walgreen's dominated pylon out front.

4. Condition: Structure 5 Surface 4 Lighting 5 Note:The structure of the sign is intact, and appears to be complete in all its parts. The surface of the sign is worn by the weather, but no worse than any other property.

Notes: See description

5. Form: Fascia

6. Specfic Description: The small face created by the south extension creates the space for the entrance to Alan Albert's. The sign hangs off this wall above a pair of large wooden doors, created with brown painted channel letters in a text specific to the establishment. They are painted white on the exterior. The channel letters are steel, outlined with white neon and filled with incandescent bulbs. White neon tubes underline each word. Almost the entire wall is created of translucent glass blocks. Behind the glass blocks there are tubes of red neon running vertically and horizontally along the open sections of the blocks create a glowing background grid of red light. The entire sign is supported with steel brackets, which are hung from the top of the roof hooking onto the wall of the building. The letters are hung at an angle pointing from the bottom toward the top right hand corner of the building. Below the main text on the right hand portion of the sign are three horizontal steel boxes hung consecutively, supporting text sculpted out of neon. The top box reads "Steaks," the second reads "Seafood," and the third reads "Prime-rib." On the Multi-use pylon the Alan Albert's signage only plays second fiddle to the dominant Walgreen's sign. It is four lines of text with the two lines of "Alan Albert's" filling the top spots. Below that "steaks, seafood, prime rib," sits above the text "so deliscous intimate." The top two lines are spelled in brown channel letters, filled with incandescent bulbs, and bordered on the face with red neon. A narrow polished channel underlines each line of text and is lined with a single tube of white neon. The bottom two lines of text are smaller script channel letters lined with red neon. Below this collection of letters and bulbs, a backlit selection of signs also adds to the list. "Lobster House" is spelled in closed channel letters with red faces. A narrow internally lit green cabinet, with rounded ends, is treated with white script.

7. Type of Display: Neon, Incandescent, Backlit

8. Media: Steel, Plastic, Glass

9. Non-neon treatments: Graphics, Paint

10. Animation: Oscillation

Notes: The incandescent bulbs inside the interior of the main text, oscillate rapidly. The effect is the shimmering effect seen so often throughout neighboring properties. It can be seen in the main building texts of properties such as the Monte Carlo and the Mirage. The Alan Albert's text on the Walgreen's pylon near the street is animated as well. The incandescent bulbs animate with an oscillating pattern steady burn on, then flash off, then on, off then starts to oscillate once again.

11. Environment: Alan Albert's sits tucked away from the bustle of the main street, guarded on both sided by Walgreen's and the Fatburger establishments. Besides the adjacent archway advertising for the Ginseng BBQ establishment, the signage for the Alan Albert's is the main attraction in the immediate space.

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Close up
Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: YESCO

2. Designer: {design}

3. Date of Installation: {date}

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: {date2}

5. Thematic Influence: No particular theme seems to be associated with the property, other than the design of the establishment itself.

6. Artistic Significance: The significance of the Alan Albert's establishment fits in with other facilities on the Strip such as The Rosewood Grill, and Battista's Hole in the Wall, and the Peppermill. Considering that most dining establishments are located on the interior of the properties, these stand as excellent quality, intimate restaurants seen by and available to the pedestrian public. Like the everyday establishments dressed to fit in the Las Vegas Strip such as the neighboring Walgreen's, Alan Albert's is a non-casino dressed up to fit in with the local surroundings. The incandescent bulbs also contain the most common animation seen on the strip. The surface of the wall is turned into a blurry illuminated canvas with glass block wall, backed by a grid of red neon. The surface is a one of a kind for the properties in this survey and the genre that it represents.

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Alan Albert's


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