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Neon Survey
Arby's/Guinness World of Records Museum

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Arby's/Guinness World of Records

2. Owner: Arby's: Schultzen and Harry Sax, Guinness: ?, Cj's: PDS Gaming used to be Carl Fredrickson

3. Address: 2776 Las Vegas Blvd, 2780 Las Vegas Blvd

3b. Additional Site Details: Located in a small lot on the west side of the strip, north of the giant Circus Circus pylon, and just north of the Arco AM/PM, the Arby's fast food establishment shares property and a sign with Guinness World of Records, and CJ's Slot Sales Facility. The Arby's is located in the front of the lot facing the strip, flanked on either side by drives. The "L" shaped structure for the other two establishments lies in the rear, western portion of the lot. To the north of the property, is vacant desert, stretching to Sahara Ave. To the south is Fantasia Gifts. Text signage adorns both structures, as well as a small pylon on the front northeast corner of the property. This sign is located in close proximity to the street.

4. Condition: Structure 4 Surface 3 Lighting 3 The structural integrity of all the signs on the property seem to be stable and in decent repair. The surface of the Guinness channel letters is faded, and showing patches of white. The lighting on the Guinness sign does not work, but the main pylon is functional. Even though CJ's slot sales are not present in this location any more, the text on the pylon for CJ's is functional and animating. The backlitlit letters on the Arby's facility are functional, but the red channel letters are not.

Notes: See description

5. Form: plyon, fasica

6. Specfic Description: The north and south sides the Arby's building contain red painted, channel letter text, reading "Museum & Gift Shop," with a lengthy channel arrow underlining the above text and pointing toward the buildings located at the rear of the property. The pylon sign is on the north end of the property, across the drive from the establishment itself. It is basically a two-sided, vertically standing rectangle, divided into two sections by a narrow LED message center. The top half belonging to Arby's and the bottom half designated for the Guinness establishment. Both are placed on a smaller section, which serves as the base. The top half is finished in mirrored panels, providing a reflective surface for the Arby's logo. The insignia for the establishment is the outline of a ten-gallon cowboy hat, with the text spelling "Arby's," displayed cutting through the outline onto either side of the object. The entire logo is constructed of crafted channel raceways. Two separate yellow pieces form the top and bottom portions of the hat, while the text is created in orange. All the channels are filled with incandescent bulbs, and outlined in neon. The bottom portion of the sign is also two sided with, a yellow tinged face providing space for a four lined series of text. The text reads, "Guinness World of Records Museum," in red channel letters, and filled with neon, of the same color. The entire sign itself is bordered in neon. The remaining exposed face of the cabinet is finished with mirrors also. The bottom edge of the cabinet is a sloped mirrored surface which angles down into thinner, but equally wide base that contains signage also. In polished channel letters, internally lit with red plastic faces, the text "Slot Sales," resides and contains a small arrow of the same design on the western edge of the sign. A black internally lit cabinet sits beneath that. The sides of the lower portion are mirrored panels as well.
The wall signs of the building at the rear of the property, are similar to those seen on the north and west sides of the Arby's establishment. The signs run parallel to the walls of the face of the building. The building is "L" shaped with the leg of the "L" pointing east, and the longer section running north. Supported on a background held up with a series of cylindrical columns, a façade of gold, raceway bordered message banner, runs along the east face. It then recedes west along the leg of the "L", parallel to the northern face section, and angles back to meet the rest of the building. The text on the sign is spelled in red channel letters, and bordered with yellow neon. Along the shortest section facing east, the word "Guinness" is spelled. The section shooting west, and facing north, possesses the text "World of Records." The texts in both sections are almost as tall as the banner itself and in all capitals. The angled portion has smaller text, reading "Entrance" and two arrows pointed down on either side. The remainder of the eastern face is blank until the northern end of the face. On the wall above the entrance two cabinets flank a set of red channel letters reading "CJ's." The edges of the cabinet on either side of the center initials, is crafted in a triangular peak, making the two signs into arrows pointing toward the center. The outside edges are negative triangular cuts, echoing the other pointed end. The edges of the cabinet are crafted out of red raceways, lined with incandescent bulbs. Red channel letters, filled with neon occupy the white background on both cabinets. The left cabinet reads "Slot" and the right reads "Sales."

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent,

8. Media: steel, plastic, glass

9. Non-neon treatments: paint

10. Animation: flashing, oscillation

Notes: The incandescent bulbs within the edge of the Arby's pylon logo chase

11. Environment: The environment of the Arby's Guinness complex is one of finality. To the north a vacant lot stretches on, leaving the Arby's dangling in conclusion on the west side of the strip. Even though giants such as the Sahara and the Circus Circus loom nearby, the Arby's complex seems very alone.

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: {manu}

2. Designer: {design}

3. Date of Installation: unkn

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: In August of 2002, the Signage for CJ's was removed.

5. Thematic Influence: The theme is only dealt with within the realm of the businesses that they advertise. The Guinness signage is only text, but retains the raceways that are consistent throughout strip properties. The pylon itself is a multi use structure for all the properties, with a mirrored surface, and the cowboy hat logo for Arby's. So if there is any theme present it could be linked to a somewhat cowboy theme.

6. Artistic Significance: The façade can be linked to a trend that took place in Las Vegas in the 1970's. In an effort to help with energy consumption, the incorporation of mirrored panels was put into effect to help reimburse the present effect of lighting. The pylon has a mirrored surface. A trend popular throughout the 80's as well. In a weird link to a specific casino, the Arby's western hat coupled with the mirrored surface is reminiscent of a site such as the Westward Ho Motel. It too is a mirrored surface, utilizing similar colors, and the inkling of a western theme present in its text. The yellow bulbs animated in the Arby's channel edge are comparative to the pulsating raceways of the Westward Ho.

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