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Neon Survey

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Fatburger

2. Owner: {owner}

3. Address: 3763 S. Las Vegas Blvd.736-4733

3b. Additional Site Details: The Fatburger establishment is directly north across a small drive from Walgreen's. The pylon contains a logo sign, but the most dominant is the text logo above the main entrance. The small parking in front of the building is illuminated with its incandescence. Smaller signs spread out evenly on both the west and south walls.

4. Condition: Structure 5 Surface 5 Lighting 5

Notes: The sign, other than being typically a bit dusty, is in excellent condition.

5. Form: plyon, fasica

6. Specfic Description: The Fatburger eatery is directly north from Walgreen's in the same parking lot. It resides on the east side of the strip. The entrance faces SW, mirroring the Walgreen's entrance. It is a rounded storefront design with "Fatburger" spelled in all capital, large, red, channel letters bordered in red neon. The letters face outward and follow the same radius of the entrance, creating a fascia effect with the size of the text. They are filled with incandescent bulbs, which oscillate in a random pattern. Open, red, channel letters, filled with red neon sit above and below the large "Fatburger" text. Above the main sign the letters read "open" and below they read "24 Hours". At the north end of the west face of the building is a diamond shaped, red, steel box with the "Fatburger" in silver channel letters with yellow neon in the interior of the letters. The diamond shape has a border of red neon on its face. Flanking the main entrance, on the south and west face of the building in red steel channel letters, with red translucent plastic faces, the phrase "The last great hamburger stand" is spelled in all caps. They reside approximately the same height on the building as the "24 Hours" script on the main sign. Additional signage is located on the bottom portion of the pylon sign designated for the "The Plaza." Above the backlit cabinet is an arrangement of text and logo for Fatburger. From left to right, "Fatburger" is spelled in channel letters, the diamond logo is in the center of the sign, then "Fatburger" is spelled again in yellow channel letters. The channel letters are closed front with red translucent plastic. The diamond is outlined in red neon.

7. Type of Display: neon, backlit

8. Media: steel, plastic

9. Non-neon treatments: graphics, paint

10. Animation: flashing, oscillating

Notes: The incandescent bulbs which are present inside the main channel letters, over the main entrance all turn on and hold, oscillate rapidly, then shut off.

11. Environment: The Fatburger eatery is in a unique position, being a widely known property located in a conglomerate of shops including such other well traveled properties such as Walgreen's and McDonald's. In fact, the building is located exactly between these locations. Walgreen's lies directly to the south, with McDonald's to the north. The small stretch of properties is dwarfed by the megalithic MGM further to the north, while the elaborate detail of the New York New York resides west across Las Vegas Blvd. Once a pedestrian passes the MGM, headed north, on the east-side of the strip, the Fatburger does makes an lasting impression upon the passerby, being the brightest of the three immediate company.

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: unkn

2. Designer: unkn

3. Date of Installation: unkn

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: n/a

5. Thematic Influence: Fatburger is another example of a typical everyday establishment turned into an electrifying display to fit in with its environment. No particular theme can be seen specifically other than the logo and color scheme influenced by the establishment itself. The entrance to the establishment contains the text wrapping the radius of the corner, creating a beacon for pedestrians. Such influence can be seen in other larger properties with corner entrances such as the Flamingo, the Barbary Coast, Harrah's, and O'Shea's.

6. Artistic Significance: n/a

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